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Sharif Uni. of Tech.


 Energy Engineering Dep.









Full Name:

               Mohammadreza Kosari (Kowsari)                

Gender: Male

Birth date:  9/21/1989   

Marital States: Married


Abarkooh, Yazd, Iran.



Iran, Tehran, Sharif University of Technology


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·         M.Sc.:

Energy Engineering, Energy Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2011-2013, GPA: 16.37/20.

·         B.Sc.:

Chemical Engineering (Technology engineering of chemical industry), Engineering Department, Industrial Engineering Consultant and Technical Trainer, Fars Province, Iran, 2009-2011, GPA: 18.13/20.

Chemical Engineering (Chemical industry), Technical and professional College, Isfahan Province, Iran, 2007-2009, GPA: 18.45/20.


Thesis Title:

·         M.Sc.:

Lithium Isotope Separation in Castner-Kellner Cell by Electrolysis Amalgam System by a Continuous Method

·         B.Sc.:

Simulation of the Sugar Process Manufacturing with Aspen-Plus Software



Research Interests:

·         Supercritical water (SCW)

·         Catalysis specifically catalytic cracking of heavy petroleum and oil components

·         Nanostructured Material: synthesis, characterization, and application

·         Environmental Chemistry and Protection

·         Graphene Oxide-based materials: synthesis and application


Research Experiences:

·         Upgrading of vacuum residue using catalytic cracking reaction in SCW by transition metal nanocatalysts

·         Synthesis of nanoparticles in supercritical water

·         Synthesis of derivatives of graphene oxides (GO) such as Iminodiaceticacid-GO and Cysteine-GO, and their application in the    removal of heavy metals

·         Synthesis of transition metal supported by SBA-15 and MCM-41 and their application in the removal of hazardous materials

·         Simulation of  the  Sugar  Process  Manufacturing  with  Aspen  Plus  Software  (Final  BSc Project(

·         Lithium Isotope Separation in Castner-Kellner Cell by Electrolysis Amalgam System by a Continuous Method

·         Lithium isotopic Separation using Batch Method and Modeling of Process



·       ISI Articles

1.                       Kowsari, M.R., et al., Cobalt (II) Adsorption from Aqueous Solution Using Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite: Kinetic, Isotherm, Thermodynamic Studies and Neural Network Modeling. Materials Focus, 2016. 5(2): p. 91-99.

2.                       Kosari, M.R., et al., Comparative Sorption Potential of Gaseous Iodine Onto Nanoporous Silicate SBA-15 Supported Various d-Element Nitrates. Energy and Environment Focus, 2016. 5(2): p. 131-138.

3.                       Rouhani, R., Sepehrian, H., Kosari, M.R., Fasihi, J., Mahani, M., “Gaseous Iodine Entrapping onto Mesoporous Silicate MCM-41 Supported d-Element Nitrate”, 2016, Materials Focus. (Just Accepted).

4.                       Kosari, M.R., Naderi, A., Ahmadi, S.J., Outokesh, M., “Batch Process of Phenol Adsorption onto Activated Carbon in Stirred Reactor: Modeling Using Two Intelligent Approaches (ANN & LS-SVM) and Conventional Homogenous Surface Diffusion Model”, 2016, Materials Focus. (Just Accepted).


·       ISC Articles

1.      Kowsari, M. and H. Sepehrian, Zinc Adsorption Properties of Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite. International Journal of Engineering,Transactions A: Basics. 28(10): p. 1415-1422.)

2.      Kowsari, M., et al., Adsorptive Behavior of an Amberlite Anion Exchanger Resin for Uranium (VI) Sorption in the Presence of Sulfate Anions. International Journal of Engineering-Transactions B: Applications, 2016. 29(2): p. 170.

3.      Kosari, M., et al., Uranium Ions Removal Using Amberlite CG-400 Anion Exchanger Resin in the Pesence of Sulfate Anions. International Journal of Engineering-Transactions C: Aspects, 2016. 29(6): p. 728.

4.      Kosari, M.R., Sepehrian, H., “Kinetic Study and Equilibrium Isotherm Analysis of Nickel (II) Adsorption onto Alginate-SBA-15 Nanocomposite ”, 2016, Journal of Applied Chemical Research. (Just Accepted).


·         Internal Conference Articles

1.      Ahmadi, Afsaneh ; Kosari, Mohammadreza; Moenie, Mahdi “Design of vacuum filament degassing system for thermal ionization mass spectrometer”, 7th national conference on vacuum, , Mazandaran University, Mazandaran, Iran, (2015).

2.      Ahmadi, Afsaneh ; Kosari, Mohammadreza; Moenie, Mahdi, “Leak detection of vacuum systems using helium leak detector” 7th national conference on vacuum, Mazandaran University, Mazandaran, Iran, (2015).

3.      M.R.  Kosari,  A.  Naderi,  M.  Outokesh, D.  Qoddosinejad, “Batch adsorption modeling in agitation reactors by HSDM model and the LS-SVM and ANN intelligent models”, The 15th National Conference on Chemical Engineering, Tehran Universitry, Tehran, Iran, (2014).

4.      M.R.  Kosari,  S.j.  Ahmadi,  M.  Outokesh, j.  Rafee, “Lithium  Isotopes Enrichment in order to Production of 6Li isotope as Elementary Material in Fusion”, The 3rd National Conference on New Technology of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad Universitry,Ghochan, Iran, (2014).

5.      M.R.  Kosari,  M.  Outokesh,  S.  j.  Ahmadi,  j.  Rafeei,  A.  Aminian,  “Application  of Lithium  Isotopes  and  their  Separation  Method”,  The  1st National  Conference  on Application  of  Stable  Isotopes,  Science  Department,  Ferdowsi University,Mashhad, Iran, (2013).

6.      M.R.  Kosari,  S.j.  Ahmadi,  M.  Outokesh,  A.  Aminian,  j.  Rafeei,  “Study  on Efficiency of Electrolysis System for Lithium Isotope Separation”,  The 1st National Conference  on  Application  of  Stable  Isotopes,  Science  Department,  Ferdowsi University,Mashhad, Iran, (2013).

7.      M.A.  Kiani,  S.j.  Ahmadi,  M.  Outokesh,  E.  Sufivand,  M.R.  Kosari,  “Mechanical Properties  Optimization  and  Producing  Method  for  Epoxy-layer  Silicate  Nano Composites”  ,  The  6th Trans-Regional  Conference  on  Advanced  in  engineering  science, Ayandegan Collage, Mazandaran, Iran. (2013).

8.      M.R.  Kosari, S.j.  Ahmadi, M.  Outokesh, E. Najjarzade, M.A. Kiani, “Lithium Isotopes Production Technology by Amalgam Electrolysis Method”, The Conference on Commercialization, National Development and Engineering Sciences, Mazandaran, Iran, (2013).


·         Submitted Articles

1.                   Kosari, M.R, Golmohammadi, M., Ahmadi, S.J., Outokesh, M., Towfighi, J., Heidari Chenari, A., “Upgrading of heavy petroleum residue by catalytic cracking in supercritical water using various d-element oxide nanoparticles”, Journal of Applied Catalyst, (2016).

2.                   Daneshmand, M., Kosari, M.R, Tayebi, A., Outokesh, M., Akbari, A., “Adsorption of Hg(II) ions by graphene oxide supported L-cysteine nanocomposite”, (2016).

3.                   Bashardoust, M., Khanchi, A.R., Kosari, M.R, Outokesh, M., “Synthesis of Iminodiacetic Acid Functionalized Graphene Oxide as an Adsorbent for Removing of Uranium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions”, (2016).