Journal Papers

  • Municipal water demand forecasting under peculiar fluctuation in population: a case study of Mashhad touristy city
    Farshid Felfelani,Reza Kerachian, Hydrological Sciences Journal , Accepted (in the process of publication)Abstract

  • Simulating hedging rules for effective reservoir operation by using system dynamics: a case study of Dez Reservoir, Iran
    Farshid Felfelani,Amir Jalali Movahed, Mahdi Zarghami, Journal of Lake and Reservoir Management , Published (2013)PDF

  • Conferences

  • Simulating Surface and Groundwater Conjunctive Water Use to Reach Qualitative and Quantitative Improvement in Water Resources by Using System Dynamics (a case study of Tehran), Iran
    Amir Jalali Movahed,Farshid Felfelani,Hediyeh Khorasani, National Conference of Water and Waste Water Engineering Sciences, Kerman, Iran, , Oral Presentation (2013)