Mohsen Firouzi's Homepage - Sharif Univ. of Tech.

Science is a precious heritage. Literature is a fine ornamental, and Thought is like a mirror.

(Imam Ali)

  • M.Sc of Electrical Engineering (Electrinics), Research Associate

Artificial Creatures Lab,

School of Electrical Engineering,

Sharif University of Technology,

Azadi Avenue, Tehran, Iran, P.O. Box: 11365-9517


Hi, I am Mohsen Firouzi, Research Associate, research group of Brain Simulation and Cognitive Science, ACL lab, EE Department, Sharif University of Technology. I have acquired M.Sc of Electrical Engineering with major of Digital Electronics from Sharif University of Technology at January 2011 (honored graduate) under supervision of Prof. Shouraki.. I have received B.Sc of Electrical Engineering (Electronics) from Sharif University of Technology at Sept 2008. For more detail about me check my CV (PDF) and feel free to contact me via my email: mfirouzi[at], mohsen.firouzi[at]