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Computer Aided Radiographic Analysis of spine


Computer Aided Radiographic Analysis of spine (CARA)




Design and formulation, head of developing team: M.A. Sanjari

Clinical research, validation and reliability: M. Taghipour (PhD candidate)

Hospital and patient support: Dr. Mobini (Surgion, Shafa Hospital)

Radiology and related supports: Dr. Zokaee (Radiologist, Shafa Hospital)

Scientific / Organizational support: Dr. I. Ebrahimi, Dr. M. Salavati

Download Brochure (in Persian Language)

In this project we have developed a  software for analysis, measurement and quantification of parameters of  lateral spinal x-ray films. Classically these parameter are calculated with pen and ruler on a negatoscope. Parameters such as relative displacement and angulation of vertebral bodeis and other indices that are impossible to obtain from classical method can be measured precisely using CARA.

Precise measurement of parameters in CARA are possible through extensive mathematical computations, allowing the clinician to simply click a button to get the results.

We have used CARA to introduce new measures/indices from lateral spinal x-rays for diagnosing and screening of low back pain patients. In this study for validation and reliability tests, 68 healthy and patients were filmed in 5 positions ranging from full extension to full flexion, yielding 340 radiographic films. The results will be published in near future.

CARA has a wide range of applications in the fields of orthopedic surgery, technical orthopedic, physiotherapy, biomechanics, diagnosing, screening, classification and evaluation of healthy and patients for spinal disorders like scoliosis, LBP and etc.





Last update: 15-Jun-2008.