Mohammad Ali Sanjari, PhD.

Director and Instructor of
Biomechanics Lab.
Iran (Tehran) University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)

Faculty of Rehabilitation


Mirdamad, Madar Sq., Shahnazari St.,

Tehran, IRAN, P.O.Box: 15875-4391

Tel:+98 21 2222 7159 (Direct)

Tel: +98 21 2222 8051~2, Ext. 198

Fax: +98 21 2222 0946


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  • PhD line of research: Nonlinear dynamic assessment and dynamical modeling of muscular fatigue.

    Title: Nonlinear dynamic analysis of musculoskeletal fatigue based on kinematic data.

    Supervisor: Dr. Parnianpour.


  • M.Sc. dissertation: 3D simulation model of musculoskeletal lumbar spine for the studies of static and dynamic analyses of its Kinematic/Kinetic states and strength prediction.

          Supervisor: Dr. Parnianpour, Advisor: Dr. Farahmand.

  • B.Sc. dissertation: Finite element analysis of stress concentrations due to wholes in metallic parts.

          Supervisor: Dr. Majzoubi, Advisor: Dr. Farrahi


Mechanical simulator of ankle sprain. (irPat. No. 31901, Date: 25-June-2005, 1384/4/4)

This device is used to perturb ankle at limited range of inversion angles while EMG signals are recorded. The accompanying software computes muscle latencies and sequence of activations. For more info see the related publications. See APS project.


Appointed best researcher of the year 2008 (1387) at faculty of rehabilitation and 20th best in the IUMS university (pdf).


Young Researcher Award. (27-Dec-2005 , 1384/10/6)

The 11th Razi Festival on Medical Sciences (NRCMS).

(see the poster, 505KB)


Gold Medal:  Men's single Badminton, TUME league championship (21-Feb-2012, 1390/12/2).





  • Complex Systems.

  • Nonlinear dynamics and time-series analysis.

  • Recurrence Quantification Analysis.

  • Dynamics of postural control and COP analysis.

  • Gait analysis.

  • Rehabilitation Engineering.

  • Sports Biomechanics.

  • Clinical Biomechanics especially in Technical Orthopedics and Physiotherapy.

  • Computer programming to facilitate biomechanical analyses such as gait analysis and bio-potential signal processing.

  • Innovative design of mechanical setups for biomechanical researches.

  • Experiments on: Numerical Analysis Programming, Powered Prosthetics, Applied Electronics, Robotics and Exo-skeletal Assistive Devices.



  • Member of IUMS Incubation Center for Medical Equipments (2010-2011)
  • Member of Iranian Elite Foundation (Bonyad), since Dec. 2008.
  • Member and referee of Innovations Committee (at HBI) of Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) on behalf of IUMS (since 22-May-2006, 1385/3/1).
  • Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers ISME, since 1999 (1378).
  • Iranian Society of Instruments and Control Engineers ISICE, since 1999 (1378).



  • Iranian National Science Foundation (INSF).
  • Iranian Research Organization for Science and and Technology (IROST).
  • Journal of Sports Rehabilitation, Human Kinetics.
  • Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (PubMed indexed, in English)
  • Journal of Modern Rehabilitation (quarterly in Persian)
  • Iran Occupational Health (quarterly in Persian)
  • Journal of Rehabilitation (quarterly in Persian)



Design and fabrication of electro-mechanical lab. setups

EMG signal processing.
Computer Simulation and Analysis of Musculo-Skeletal Systems.

Technical Programming: MATLAB, LabVIEW.

Technical Drawing and Solid Modeling: Autodesk Mechanical DeskTop.

Applied Electronics: Schematic and PCB design/analysis of unsophisticated circuits: Protel.


  • Analysis of the Sensory-Motor System for PT PhD students.
  • Sports Biomechanics for Sports Medicine students (Winter 2008, 2009, 2010).
  • Applied Biomechanics (every other semester since winter 2004) for TO, OT and PT students.
  • EMG signal processing for PT students (PhD & M.Sc.)
  • Gait Analysis.
  • Applied Electronics for ME students at SUT.
  • Technical Drawing and Mechanical Modeling.


  • Instrumentation for Gait Analyses at IUMS (Dec 2004).
  • Gait Analysis at IUMS (Dec 2004).
  • Introduction to wave, EMG and its applications at SSRC (July 2007).
  • Human Motion Analysis at SSRC (July 2007).
  • Practice and Theory of Electro-goniometry using Biometrics® DataLINK system (2009)
  • Practice and Theory of EMG using Biometrics® DataLINK system (2010)
  • Practice and Theory of Dynamometry using Isokinetic System 4 (presented at Semnan University, Faculty of rehabilitation) (2010)
  • Motion Analysis using Qualisys system (presented at Esfahan University, Faculty of rehabilitation) (2010)



Peer Reviewed Journal Papers
  1. Yayaei-Rad, M., A.A. Norasteh, A. Shamsi, and M.A. Sanjari, The Comparison of Postural Stability in Different Knee Alignment. Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 2013. 3(7): p. 322-326.
  2. Mokhtarinia, H.R., M.A. Sanjari, and M. Parnianpour, Investigating the Effects of Symmetrical-Distributed External Loads on the Static Postural Control in Low Back Pain Subjects: A Comparison with Normal Subjects. Journal of Ergonomics, 2013. 3(2): p. 1-4.
  3. Eshraghi, A., N. Maroufi, M.A. Sanjari, H. Saeedi, M.R. Keyhani, H. Gholizadeh, and N.A.A. Osman, Effect of Milwaukee brace on static and dynamic balance of female hyperkyphotic adolescents. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 2013. 37(1): p. 76-84.
  4. Haddad, O., M.A. Sanjari, A. Amirfazli, R. Narimani, and M. Parnianpour, Trapezius Muscle Activity in using Ordinary and Ergonomically Designed Dentistry Chairs. The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2012. 3(2 April): p. 76-83.
  5. Sanjari, M.A., A.R. Arshi, M. Parnianpour, and S. Seyedmohseni, Local State Space Temporal Fluctuations: A Methodology to Reveal Changes During a Fatiguing Repetitive Task. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2010. 132(10), p. 101002.
  6. Mazaheri, M., H. Negahban, M. Salavati, M.A. Sanjari, and M. Parnianpour, Reliability of recurrence quantification analysis measures of the center of pressure during standing in individuals with muscoluskeletal disorders. Medical Engineering & Physics, 2010. 32(7): p. 808-812.
  7. Negahban, H., M. Salavati, M. Mazaheri, M.A. Sanjari, M.R. Hadian, and M. Parnianpour, Non-linear dynamical features of center of pressure extracted by recurrence quantification analysis in people with unilateral anterior cruciate injury. Gait & Posture, 2010, 31(4): p. 450-455.
  8. Talebian, S., S.J. Mousavi, G.R. Olyaei, M.A. Sanjari, and M. Parnianpour, The effect of exertion level on activation patterns and variability of trunk muscles during multidirectional isometric activities in upright posture. Spine, 2010, 35(11), E443-51.
  9. Mazaheri, M., M. Salavati, H. Negahban, M.A. Sanjari, and M. Parnianpour, Postural sway in low back pain: Effects of dual tasks. Gait & Posture, 31(2010), 116-121.
  10. Ghoseiri, K., B. Forogh, M.A. Sanjari, and A. Bavi, The effect of a vibratory lumbar orthosis on walking velocity in patients with Parkinson's disease. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 2009. 33(1): p. 82-88.
  11. Ghoseiri, K., B. Forogh, M.A. Sanjari, and A. Bavi, Effects of vibratory orthosis on balance in idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 2009; 4(1): 58-63.
  12. Salavati, M., M.R. Hadian, M. Mazaheri, H. Negahban, I. Ebrahimi-Takamjani, S. Talebian, A.H. Jafari, M.A. Sanjari, S.M. Sohani, and M. Parnianpour, Test-retest reliability of center of pressure measures of postural stability during quiet standing in a group with muscoluskeletal disorders consisting of low back pain, anterior cruciate ligament injury and functional ankle instability. Gait & posture, 2009. 29: p. 460-464.
  13. Mousavi, S.J., G.R. Olyaei, S. Talebian, M.A. Sanjari, and M. Parnianpour, The effect of angle and level of exertion on trunk neuromuscular performance during multidirectional isometric activities. Spine Journal, 2009, 34(5), E170-E177.
  14. Hadian, M.R., H. Negahban, S. Talebian, M. Salavati, A.H. Jafari, M.A. Sanjari, M. Mazaheri, and M. Parnianpour, Reliability of center of pressure measures of postural stability in patients with unilateral anterior cruciate ligament injury. Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008, 8(17): p.3019-3025. (PDF)
  15. Akhbari, B., I. Ebrahimi-Takamjani, M. Salavati, and M.A. Sanjari, A 4-week biodex stability exercise program improved ankle musculature onset, peak latency and balance measures in functionally unstable ankles. Physical Therapy in Sports, 2007(8): p. 117-129. 

     Find my English papers on SID.

Peer Reviewed Iranian Journals

  1. Esmaeili, H., Anbarian, M., Hajiloo, B., Sanjari, M.A., The immediate effect of foot insole on electromyography activity and co-contraction of leg muscles in individuals with flat feet, Research in Rehabilitation, 2013, 9(2), 295-307.
  2. Radmehr, G., Mazaheri, R., Sanjari, M.A., Halabchi, F., Mansourinia, M.A., Comparison of activation pattern of selected trunk muscles during over ground and treadmill walking, Modern Rehabilitation, 2013, 6(4), 49-58.
  3. Sanjari, M.A., Meftahi, N., Seyedmohseni, S., Fayazi, M., Mahmoudian, A., Taghizadeh, G., Sohani, S., Kamali, M., Repeatability assessment of quantified measurement method in hand drawing skills, Modern Rehabilitation, 2013, 6(3), 57-64.
  4. Salehi, S., Hedayati, R., Bakhtiari, A.H., Ghorbani, R., Sanjari, M.A., Aminianfar, A., The relationship between forward head deviation and balance parameters in young females , Koomesh, 2012, 14(1), p. 76-85.
  5. Mokhtarinia, H.R., S. Kahrizi, M. Parnianpour, M.A. Sanjari, Test-retest reliability of coordination and movement pattern stability measures during repetitive trunk bending in healthy and non-specific low back pain groups. Razi Journal of Medical Sciences. 2012, 19(94), 10-19.
  6. Sanjari, M.A., A.A. Jamshidi, L. Abbasi, S. Seyedmohseni, M. Kamali, Computing dynamic stability of gait for the assessment of the effect of perturbation training antreior cruciate ligament deficient patients. USWR J Rehab., 2010, 12(4), 8-13.
  7. Hosseni H.A., Ebrahimi I, M. Salavati, Shahidi Gh., Sanjari M.A., Gholamipoor, Effect of Symmetry Improvement in Weight Bearing on Postural Stability of Hemiparetic Patients, Iranian Journal of Rehabilitation, 34:9(2), 2008,  (Persian PDF, English Abstract).
  8. Ghoseiri K., B. Forough, M.A. Sanjari, B. Hajiaghaaee, Visual Feedback Effects on Balance of Idiopathic Parkinson’s Patients, Iranian Journal of Rehabilitation, 33:9(1), 2008, (Persian PDF, English Abstract).
  9. Akhbari, B., I. Ebrahimi-Takamjani, M. Salavati, and M.A. Sanjari, Ankle musculature latency measurement to varying angles of sudden external oblique perturbation in normal and functionally unstable ankles. Medical Journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2007. 20(4): p. 166-174.

     Find my Persian papers on SID.

Refereed Conferences

  • Boozari, S., A.A. Jamshidi, M.A. Sanjari, and H. Jafari, Effect of functional fatigue on vertical ground reaction force among individuals with flat feet, in Journal of Foot and Ankle Research. 2012, 5(Suppl 1):P5.
  • Eshraghi, E., N. Maroufi, M.A. Sanjari, M.R. Keyhani, and H. Saeedi, Effect of bracing on balance control of female hyperkyphotic adolescents, in 13th ISPO World Congress. 2010: Leipzig, Germany. (Poster Presentation)
  • Sohrab, M., J. Sarrafzadeh, H. Saeedi, M.A. Sanjari, and M.R. Keyhani, The effect of two types of ankle-foot orthosis on EMG activity of peroneus longus muscle in athletes with functional ankle instability, in 13th ISPO World Congress. 2010: Leipzig, Germany. (oral presentation)
  • Negahban, H., M. Mazaheri, M. Salavati, M.R. Hadian, S. Talebian, M.A. Sanjari, A.H. Jafari, and M. Parnianpour, The Effects of Cognitive Loading on Linear and Non-linear Measures of Postural Sway in People with Unilateral Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury, in 21st Physical Therapy Congress. 2010: Tehran, Iran.
  • Eshraghi, E., N. Maroufi, M.A. Sanjari, M.R. Keyhani, and H. Saeedi, Static & dynamic balance of schoolgirls with hyperkyphosis, in 6th International Conference on Conservative management of Spinal Deformities. 2009, European Spinal Resonances, 16(51): Lyon, France. p. 2161-2169.
  • Abbasi, L., A.A. Jamshidi, M.A. Sanjari, S. Seyed Mohseni, S. Sayadi, H. Jafari, and A. Mahmoudian, Gait kinematics of ACL deficient patients can be modified following 10 sessions of perturbation training. Gait & Posture, 2009. 30S: p. S83. (Link)
  • Sanjari, M.A., S. Seyed Mohseni, A.A. Jamshidi, and Y. Salekzamani, Evaluation of muscular activation and fatigue in repetitive tasks using surface electromyography, in 12th Iranian Congress of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & electrodiagnosis. 2009: Tabriz, Iran.
  • Jamshidi, A.A., Naserpour, M., Amiri, A., Keyhani, M.R., Sanjari, M.A., Effect of a modified perturbation training protocol on muscular activation pattern and function of ACLD patients, in 12th Iranian Congress of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & electrodiagnosis. 2009: Tabriz, Iran.
  • Parnianpour, M., Sanjari, M.A., Soudbakhsh D., Sahraei Esfahani, E., Malekipour, F., Khamsei, J.:"Design, Modeling, and fabrication of a prototype of an assistive device for walking",  12th Iranian conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2005), Tabriz, Iran, 2005.
  • Yazdani, M., Ghasemi, M.S., Sanjari, M.A.: "Biomechanical analysis of foot reaction forces if subjects with structural leg length discrepancy using three different insole material", 12th Iranian conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2005), Tabriz, Iran, 2005.
  • Sanjari M.A., B. Akhbari, R. Narimani, 2005. Design and fabrication of mechanical simulator of ankle sprain. 13th International Conference of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering ISME 2005, Esfahan, Iran.
  • Sanjari M.A., Farahmand F., Parnianpour M., 2002. Prediction of maximum strength of lumbar spine in various postures. Iranian Ergonomics Conference, Proceeding.
  • Sanjari M.A., 2000 (1379). Rapid prototyping. Iran Khodro Monthly 47, p.44-47.


  1. Design and fabrication of an exo-skeletal assistive device (EAD) at SUT.
  2. Design and fabrication of Ankle Perturbation System (APS) 2004-2005. PhD setup of  Dr. B. Akhbari at IUMS/USWR.
  3. Design and fabrication of  a synchronous EMG/Myo-meter data logger (MyoLog1) 2004-2005 PhD setup of Dr. N. Maroufi at IUMS/USWR.
  4. EMG/Isokinetic Data Analyzier (EIDA) 2004, PhD setup of  Dr. A.A. Jamshidi at TUMS.
  5. BioSensor: an integrated software for posturograpgy using electrolyte tilt sensors. PhD setup of  Dr. S. Kahrizi at TMU, 2002.
  6. Color-Matching assessment of stroke patients, (Spring 2005). PhD setup of  Dr. I. Abdollahi at USWR.
  7. Design and fabrication of a computer-based electrogoniometer (Fall 2005). Jondishapour University.
  8. Muscle activation pattern of lower extremity muscles in non-specific chronic low back pain and normal subjects, (IUMS, Fall 2005).
  9. Design and development of Radiographic Analyzer for Spine (RAS/CARA). A powerful software suite for analysis of spine radiographs and quantification of  instability factor (IF) and center of rotation (ICR). PhD research Dr. M. Taghipour, 2006.
  10. Design of a new setup for whiplash study using accelerometer and EMG recordings. PhD research: Dr. Zahra Rojhani, 2006.
  11. Design and supervision of precise setup for perturbation analysis of anterior tibial translation in ACL defecient and healthy subjects using accelerometer and EMG recordings. PhD research: Dr. Basir Majdoleslam, 2006.
  12. Measuring center of mass from force-plate data using double-integral method. PhD research: H.A. Hosseini, Oct. 2006.
  13. Effect of therapy on quantitative measures of writing skills in PD patients. (2008).
  14. Quantitative analysis of elbow range of motion variability due to muscular fatigue. RRC funded project, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started Oct. 2008, finished Feb. 2010.
  15. Local Dynamic Stability of ACLD Gait and Effect of Perturbation Training. RRC funded project, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started Aug. 2008, finished Feb. 2010.
  16. Effect of rehabilitation exercises on correlation of temporal gait patterns of ACL deficient patients. RRC funded project, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started March 2010, Finished Apr 2011.
  17. Evaluation of effectiveness of a quantitative measurement method of hand drawings in assessment of improvement trend. RRC funded project, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started May 2010, Finished Apr 2011.
  18. Design and fabrication of a lower limb torque measurement device and assessment of its reliability, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started Nov.2011.
  19. Design and fabrication force plate calibration device and assessment of its reliability, PI: M.A. Sanjari, Started Nov.2011.
  20. Determining distinctive threshold and duration of muscle activation in rapid elbow movements in various directions considering gravitational effect using surface EMG (submitted Feb. 2012).

Advisor of Theses

   PhD Dissertations
  • Isokinetic knee moment comparison in closed versus open kinematic chain following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. G. Nassadj, 2012.
  • Activation pattern of selected trunk muscles during over ground and treadmill walking. G. Radmehr, 2012.
  • The onset of core and vasti electromyographic activity while ascending and descending stairs in healthy controls and patellofemoral pain patients. P. Motealleh, 2010.
  • Effect of improving symmetry of weight bearing on postural stability and visual dependency in hemiparesis after stroke. H. A. Hosseini, 2008.
  • Clinical validation of radiographic kinematic characteristics  of lumbar spine instability. M. Taghipour, PT (2006). See CARA project.

   Master Theses

  • H. Esmaeili, “Longitudinal effects of foot orthotics on changes in muscular activity pattern in patients with pes planus during walking”. (Summer 2013)
  • M. Pirali, “Antagonist muscle co-activation during knee extension in ACL reconstruction athletes”. (Fall 2011)
  • S.H. Fazeli, "Effect of ankle taping on center of pressure changes during dynamic balance performance in chronic ankle instability”. (Summer 2011).
  • S. Salehi, “Effect of stability and stretching-strengthening exercises on balance of individuals with forwarded head posture”.
  • S. Boozari, "Effect of functional fatigue on vertical ground reaction force among individuals with flat feet". (Summer 2011).
  • N. Feizabadi, "Effect of perturbation training on GRF in ACLD patient during stair ascending and descending ". (Fall 2010).
  • F. Khanmohammad, "The effect of a new insole on ground reaction force and center of pressure in subjects with flexible flat foot and comparison with common insoles". (Spring 2010).
  • M. Bagherzadeh, "Effect of high-top shoe with rocker sole on pain, disability, activation limitation and vertical ground reaction force in rheumatoid arthritis patients". (Winter 2010).
  • A. Eshraghi, "Effect of Milwaukee brace wear on static and dynamic balance parameters in female hyperkyphotic adolrscrnts". (Summer 2008).
  • M. Sohrab, "Evaluation of the immediate effect of two types of ankle foot orthoses on proneus longus muscle onset and latency in response to sudden ankle perturbation in athletes with fictional ankle instability". (July 2008)
  • Leila Abbasi, "Effect of perturbation training on gait kinematics of ACL deficient patients".(started April 2008)
  • Kamyar Ghoseiri, "Effect of vibrational orthotics on stability and walking speed of PD patients", (March 2008).
  • Hamed Pardeshenas, "Activation pattern of lumbo-pelvic muscles in different loading conditions", (Feb. 2008).
  • Morteza Mohammadi, "Designing and fabricating of a stance control offset knee joint and evaluation of its effect on gait of a patient with unilateral lower limb paralysis", (September 2006).
  • Majid Shahbazi, "Effect of lumbopelvic corsets and taping on postural control of patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain", (August 2006).
  • Behdad Tahayori, "An Investigation to determine the effects of some sensory motor intervention on selected kinematic variables during treadmill walking", (March 2006).
  • Meria Yazdani, "Effect of insole materials on GRF pattern of subjects with structural leg length discrepancy" M.Sc. of Technical Orthopedics (March 2005), at IUMS.



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